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Series: Regan Stone, Book 2

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It started with a kiss.

Straight-laced Regan Stone is breaking the rules by kissing her best friend. But when her family fills her head full of doubts, it only takes three little words for Regan to forget about her family and the rules.

Lane Cary is an honest guy, and honestly, he couldn’t care less about rule number three. He’ll do just about anything to keep Regan at a more-than-best-friends status. But when someone from his past walks back into his life, Lane’s secrets threaten the only future he’s sure of … Regan.

Caught in two separate worlds of high school and college, this romance is falling toward failure. With her fear of not being enough and his past colliding with his future, the only chance for Regan and Lane’s romance to survive is to do the one thing they’ve been avoiding. Will Regan and Lane do what it takes to continue beyond friendship? Or will the predictions come true and ruin everything, including their friendship?

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Read An Excerpt from Kiss Me Already

“Practice was torture.” I stand there waiting for him.

Lane starts to hug me but stops. “You’re all sweaty.” He pulls back, his nose and face all scrunched up.

I twist my lips off to the side. That’s not the response I was hoping for.

Lane lifts my bag off my shoulder and slides his fingers into mine. His wicked grin sends a thrill of anticipation down my spine.

We slowly make our way down the stairs, into the Bridlow’s finished basement. I stretch with Tobi. Lane kicks back on the sofa and pretends to watch TV. Every time I look his way, I catch him looking at me. He tries to hide a grin, but his mouth pulls up on his left side when he averts his eyes back to the TV, giving himself away. Normally Tobi would fill the air with words and conversation, but we’re both trying to recoup our energy.

She pulls herself up from the floor, stands, and stretches her neck from side to side. “I’m going to shower.” She treks up the stairs.

When I get up off the floor, my shoulders droop. “I’m still sore.” I say it out loud, but meant it as a complaint to myself.

Lane walks up to me and kisses me on the cheek. “Go shower. Tonight will disappear before we know it.” He’s right. It always does. I snatch my bag off the floor and head into the bathroom.

It feels weird showering with Lane in the next room. The more I think about it, the faster I wash. Time does go by too fast, and I don’t want to waste it standing under the hot water too long.

When I open the door, steam rolls out around me. I’m wearing my jean capris and a T-shirt. My hair’s still wet, but it’s combed, and my breath is minty fresh.

“Did Mr. Bridlow turn that bathroom into a sauna?” Lane gets up from the dark blue sofa and steps into the bathroom to check it out.

I poke him in the side. “I needed that hot shower. My shoulders are still a little tight, but I feel better.”

“Come over here.” He sits on the sofa. “Sit on the floor in front of me, I’ll rub your shoulders.” I do as he says because I need it. I pull my hair over the top of my head and sort of braid it forward so it stays out of his way. He works his magic, and I moan and groan at the pain.

“That’s better.” He’s done such a good job, I feel like a limp noodle. Lane doesn’t stop kneading my muscles, unwilling to break our connection, letting his fingers do the talking.

Mrs. Bridlow yells down the stairs to us. “Supper’s about ready.”

Lane stops. I stand and sigh, still facing away from him, pulling out the braid and combing through it with my fingers. “Thank you.”

He grabs my wrist and pulls me down beside him on the sofa. I wasn’t expecting that. He leans close to me and presses his forehead to mine. My heart picks up speed, skipping over a beat or two. He has that look in his eyes.

“It’s been a whole week since I’ve seen you.” Lane’s nose brushes against mine in a butterfly kiss. His voice drops, as he says the words, “Kiss me already.