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Falling in love was never part of the plan!

Sixteen-year-old Regan Stone wants nothing more than to escape her gossipy hometown and study marine science. Every choice she makes is deliberate, from her dual credit classes to the out-of-state university she’s selected. She has a plan.

When Lane, her best-friend-since-forever, admits his feelings for her, Regan’s careful plans begin to unravel. Lane’s admission unleashes her own hidden feelings. Now that they’ve surfaced, she’s not sure she can ever let him go. Lane may just be everything she never knew she wanted. But how can Regan choose between following her dreams and taking a chance at love?

If you’re a fan of coming-of-age rollercoaster romances, pick up Summer’s End today!



It started with a kiss.

Straight-laced Regan Stone is breaking the rules by kissing her best friend. But when her family fills her head full of doubts, it only takes three little words for Regan to forget about her family and the rules.

Lane Cary is an honest guy, and honestly, he couldn’t care less about rule number three. He’ll do just about anything to keep Regan at a more-than-best-friends status. But when someone from his past walks back into his life, Lane’s secrets threaten the only future he’s sure of … Regan.

Caught in two separate worlds of high school and college, this romance is falling toward failure. With her fear of not being enough and his past colliding with his future, the only chance for Regan and Lane’s romance to survive is to do the one thing they’ve been avoiding. Will Regan and Lane do what it takes to continue beyond friendship? Or will the predictions come true and ruin everything, including their friendship?

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