Regan Stone’s Journey Continues

Sally Henson
December 2, 2016

School has begun. Regan and her friends settle into a crazy routine . . .

This picture is taken from the parking lot of Regan’s school, where those lucky enough to have a car to drive park.  That is the door to the gymnasium.  The same gym Regan and Tobi play volleyball in.

Good news!  Book number two is coming along well.  Regan, Lane, Tobi, Haylee, and Cameron’s lives are unfolding before mine.  When I write, I have a game plan.  I’m not a pantser, a writer who sits down with no planning and starts typing away as the story unfolds on the page before them.  I like to plan the story leaving room for changes.  Sometimes the character doesn’t want to go the exact route I plan and I have to make a detour.  And that is okay, it makes the story more exciting that way.

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Creative or Chaos?

Sally Henson
August 8, 2016

Where I’ve Been — Where I Am — Where I’m Going

Office Chaos                                                             pic 1 office chaos

What do you see in these pictures?  The process of packing or unpacking?  Is it that room?  You know, the one that catches all the stuff you don’t have space for, but don’t want to get rid of.  Maybe it reminds you of your slob-friend’s bedroom.  Or, it could be your crazy aunt’s room she forced you to work in to earn your keep in return for supper.

This room is chaos–in every way.  Seriously, have you ever tried to work in a room like this?  Just being in it would be enough to make some of you anxiously antsy.  Maybe even borderline panic attack.  If you look closely, on the walls, 1980s faux painting is alive and well…and still ugly.

The truth is, this is my office.  I KNOW!  It’s driving my me absolutely CRAZY!

You may have noticed I haven’t posted anything lately.  I apologize for that, but I have a reason for it and a reason for this pathetic office.  I MOVED!  Normally, when I know I’m going to be unavailable, on vacation, or extra busy, I plan ahead by scheduling pieces to be posted.  This move was a quick, rushed event, which is even more unpleasant than a planned, organized move.  My husband’s work has taken us several degrees north of Texas to Illinois.  We are getting acclimated and I am now trying to catch up on writing as I tackle the To Do List that comes with a move.

It is really hard for me to function in this space.  On the plus side, this office is a little more spacious than my previous one.  And I know it’s going to be great–at some point.  So first things first…paint.  Let’s get a little interactive here-send me your suggestions.  Please.  What paint color is fitting for an organized and inspiring space?

That is where I’ve been.  This is where I am.  Paint and organizing is, in the short term, where I am going–in order to travel to the long term writing.  Stay tuned.


What can you do with a little imagination?

Sally Henson
June 20, 2016

Can you imagine life without the written word – with no books to read?  Do you write in a journal, doodle lyrics on a notebook, or write love letters you never give?  Can you imagine no imagination?  Even if you think of yourself as not creative, you use your imagination more than you think.  We are all creative – some are only more practiced than others.

Long is the day with no words

to read, to write, to imagine

Create a story, another time, another space

Other options for this present place

Take a step forward

Plan A through Z

Hear Alpha – Omega work through these

Imagery, emotion, senses in need

fill the void – enhance my being

Open mind to possibilities

Find light in the shadows

See dark in the day

Steal peace in the quiet

Impart thrill among the deafening silence

Place a voice of reason among the chaos

Bring justice to a double-cross

A choice, a decision, a dream held

No other may put legs to the thoughts you have found.